What I’ve been doing lately

Lately my work has been mainly driven by the need to efficiently and smoothly deploy the Accounting module of OpenERP in my employer enterprise. But at the same time I’m responsible of several development and deployments in the enterprise.

The accounting-related tasks have made me to study the accounting module, but also accounting in general from fundamental principles to advanced topics. I currently own a collection of 9 books about accounting. I still have more studying to do, but now I’m versed enough to the point of being a (very junior) accounting consultant to the CEO. This, of course, should yield future benefits since I’m planning to start a business.

On the technical side, the last week I was doing a final verification of the module so that the (true) accountant of the enterprise finally migrates to OpenERP: Taking our QuickBooks files and, with Pentaho Kettle, migrating the accounting information to OpenERP, and comparing the legal reports. This has finally yielded good results and we’re doing an opening entry to continue accounting in OpenERP (the enterprise has an accounting period the starts on Oct, 1st each year).

At the same time a new server for OpenERP and a deployment based on Buildout was another one of my tasks. There’s still much to be done and I’m wondering if Ansible would be a good choice to actually manage the deployment since it involve setting up Postfix as the Mail Transfer Agent interfacing OpenERP for emails. This means that besides the accounting books I have reviewed several email related RFCs (2822, 2821 and 2476 being those I’ve read the most) and the Postfix documentation.

To fill the gaps, or more precisely: to take breaks from these topics I’m reading a couple of books and articles:

Things left in the attic

At the beginning of 2014 I expected I could dedicate myself to finish xotl.ql by August. This was, however, not possible. I still keep my eye on the topic from time to time, but this needs a lot of time to actually make a breakthrough.