Odoo… I mean OpenERP

This is old news: OpenERP has changed its name and now becomes Odoo. I don’t care much about the change in the name. It’s the processes I’m interested in.

The rename was synchronized with a move from Launchpad to Github. This, I much appreciate it. I’m one of those that once the Git virus got me, I’m almost unable to work comfortably with any other Version Control tool.

I this regard I have a couple of questions:

  • Will they use the “standard” Github’s pull-requests model for contributions? Probably they are longing for this kind of long-tail of contributors model to kick off now at Github. I haven’t found any “Why the move to Github” in the FAQ of the move and other sources (but again my connection is slow and I didn’t waste much time).

  • Will they require some kind of a “waive” of copyrights to accept contributions?

    The model of the Plone Foundation requires this. But this foundation is non-profit unlike Odoo.

    Does this align with the company’s view of the Open Source model? I don’t know.

So, my only strategy is:

  • Fork the Github repository
  • Send as many PRs as I’m able to fix/improve something and hope for the best.


My long-planned “OpenERP corner” will simply be renamed accordingly.

This reminds me I have broken my promise to keep my old blog in-sync with this new one. Apologies. But it’s sooo comfortable to work with this blog-model that I barely looked back once. So I’ll announce it: I will not keep my old blog anymore. I will commit myself to improve the look of this one and that’s it.